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"Firstly I must comment on how totally relaxed and chilled I felt during and after my session with Ange. I also felt that she conducted herself in a very professional manner especially in these difficult times. Before having my reflexology I had been suffering from stomach cramps/pain which disappeared later that evening, I was extremely happy and totally over joyed with the out come and with the whole experience".

"Reflexology is not something I had ever given much thought to as I have very ticklish feet but I am so glad I did. From the very first session with Ange I felt so relaxed and de-stressed and I can’t remember the last time I had felt so rested. I looked forward to my weekly sessions so much and I can’t wait to start another round!"

"Ange is a very welcoming friendly lady. Her treatment room has a lovely ambience, it is very peaceful with soft therapeutic music playing in the background, she had beautiful scented oils burning which I found to be very relaxing.
Ange gave me the most relaxing and soothing reflexology massage on my feet, the pressure was perfect and she worked her magic on my feet. I felt amazing after my treatment and I will definitely be going back..."

"I had only tried reflexology once before going to Ange and it was a completely different experience. I felt immediately calm with Ange as she explained the process. I found the treatments very relaxing and the felt the benefits physically and mentally. Ange was so knowledgeable and professional throughout, I loved all my sessions and can’t wait to go back!"

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